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Mark Peloquin

Mark Peloquin has over twelve years of legal experience in preparing and prosecuting patent applications and counseling clients in patent-related matters. His primary areas of practice include analog and digital circuits for data displays and microprocessors, protocols for signal transmission, 3G systems, signal architecture, client/server architecture, user interfaces, memory/CPU communication, user interfaces, software applications, file compression algorithms, electronic commerce, business methods, distributed systems, semiconductor manufacturing processes, carbon micro-tube technology, digital media technology, and electromechanical & mechanical devices.

Professional Licenses


Prior Work Experience

Mr. Peloquin was a research Engineer and a Principal Investigator at the Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC) Newport, Rhode Island, where he performed physics based model development, acoustic test apparatus/measurements, modal analysis, mechanical design and system design/signal processing. As a Principal Investigator he developed software, Radio Frequency (RF) Transmit and Receive (TR) systems, fiber optic systems, piezoelectric devices, transmission line sensors and medical products. In addition, Mr. Peloquin worked as an Associate Attorney for the law firm of Blakeley Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman, LLP, in San Jose, California, and he founded the law firm of Peloquin PLLC, in Seattle, Washington.